Team Sheldon (aka The Overall Lab) wins 2016 UBC Engergy Challenge

Team Sheldon_win2016The Lab Energy Challenge is now over! The competition was fierce and the teams kept us guessing until the last moment. Impressive work everyone! Thanks for your efforts and commitment to energy savings in your labs!

Congratulations to the 5 Grand Prize Winners! The Mighty Mice (CCM), Gatsuuchi Mold (Microbiology & Immunology, Zoology), Biotechnology & Bioenergy Group (Wood Science), and Team Sheldon (Centre for Blood Research) all won in the ULT category, and the Wood Wackers won in the non-ULT category. Each team received a $250 visa gift card for their efforts and for obtaining the highest scores in their categories.

112 participants from 18 teams registered and competed in both the freezer and non-freezer categories.

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