Yili Wang

Technician (retired 2014)

Centre for Blood Research
University of British Columbia
2350 Health Sciences Mall
Vancouver, BC, V6T 1Z3, Canada


  • East China Institute of Chemical Technology
  • B.Sc. (Chemical Engineering)

Selected Publications

  • Brayer G.D., Sidhu G., Maurus R., Rydberg E.H., Braun C., Wang Y. ,Nguyen N.T., Overall C.M., Withers S.G. (2000) Subsite mapping of the human pancreatic alpha-amylase active site through structural, kinetic, and mutagenesis techniques. Biochemistry 39 (16): 4778-91.
  • Yang A.H., MacGillivray R.T., Chen J., Luo Y., Wang Y., Brayer G.D., Mason A.B., Woodworth R.C., Murphy M.E. (2000) Crystal structures of two mutants (K206Q, H207E) of the N-lobe of human transferrin with increased affinity for iron. Protein Science 9 (1): 49-52.
  • Rydberg E.H., Sidhu G., Vo H.C., Hewitt J., Cote H.C., Wang Y., Numao S., MacGillivray R.T., Overall C.M., Brayer G.D., Withers S.G. (1999) Cloning, mutagenesis, and structural analysis of human pancreatic alpha-amylase expressed in Pichia pastoris. Protein Science 8 (3): 635-643.
  • MacGillivray R.T., Moore S.A., Chen J., Anderson B.F., Baker H., Luo Y., Bewley M., Smith C.A., Murphy M.E., Wang Y., Mason A.B., Woodworth R.C., Brayer G.D., Baker E.N. (1998) Two high-resolution crystal structures of the recombinant N-lobe of human transferrin reveal a structural change implicated in iron release. Biochemistry 37 (22): 7919-7928.
  • Burk D., Wang Y., Dombroski D., Berghuis A.M., Evans S.V., Luo Y., Withers S.G., Brayer G.D. (1993) Isolation, crystallization, and preliminary diffraction analyses of human pancreatic a-amylase. Journal of Molecular Biology 230 (3): 1084-1085.
  • Wang Y., Chen J., Luo Y., Funk WD., Mason A.B., Woodworth R.C., MacGillivray R.T., Brayer G.D. (1992) Preliminary crystallographic analyses of the N-terminal lobe of recombinant human serum transferrin. Journal of Molecular Biology 227 (2): 575-576.